Measurement software

Van Dongen Engineering has developed its own measuring software VDMSpro for the measurement and control of your measuring equipment or measuring automation.

It fulfils the Q-DAS AQDEF specifications for the filing, storage and further processing of your measurement data.

Here is a small overview of the functions (excerpt):

Measurement software VDMSpro

  • Simple operation / interface
  • Static & dynamic measurement
  • Tolerance ranges adjustable
  • Intervention limits adjustable
  • Editor openly accessible for calculation
  • Control of movements via I/O cards
  • Follow-up control of processing machines
  • Data preparation for MSA measuring device capabilities Method 1, 2 & 3
  • Various display options
  • Display options customisable
  • Operator management
  • Operator authorisation
  • Test plan management
  • Master administration
  • Catalogue management
  • I/O cards set up / operate / switching status displays
  • K-fields set up / process / send
  • V-fields set up / process / send
  • Statistics – Export – DFQ data
  • Import of data sets, e.g. K- / V-fields
  • Simple language changeover

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