Measurement protocol

The scope of delivery basically consists of a measurement report in PDF format in the standard Van Dongen Engineering format. If desired, we can also include your logo in the report or even adapt the entire layout to your corporate identity.

Experience has shown that at the beginning it is not always clear exactly what needs to be stated in the measurement report. Or whether additional data is required due to progressive findings. Based on a draft report, we adapt the final version quickly and professionally with you. 

Partly for this reason, we save all raw measurement data so that we can fully customise the report to your wishes at any time. Think about the number of decimal places, the column layout and additional measurement data such as XYZ coordinates and position and shape tolerances.

Calypso PiWeb Reporting Plus

We create these reports using Calypso PiWeb Reporting Plus, which allows us to display various graphical representations and perform complete series analyses (Cp / Cpk).

Natürlich können wir die Messdaten auch in verschiedene gängige Formate exportieren. Fragen Sie einfach nach den Möglichkeiten.