We use high-quality equipment and tools to carry out the measurements.

Coordinate measuring machine

  • Zeiss Prismo Ultra, type 7/10/5
  • Range X=700, Y=1000, Z=500 mm
  • MPE (E0) = 0,5 + L/500

The coordinate measuring machine (cmm) is equipped with a VAST navigator Gold probe that is suitable for both probing and scanning. The difference lies in the measuring method and the number of points:

  • Touch-trigger measuring: The probe touches the product at each measuring point. Usually only a limited number of points per geometry are measured.
  • Scanning measurement: The probe touches the part and continues to follow the geometry, measuring multiple points. This allows for more accurate mapping, especially of shape defects.

For measuring we use original Zeiss styli and Zeiss Thermofit extensions. 


Zeiss Calypso software, Version 7.02 (2020) 
Additional modules

  • Curve scan 
  • PiWeb Reporting Plus 

Trumpf Trumark Station 7000 

Laser marking is carried out with a Trumpf Trumark Station 7000 marking system.

In addition to the movable laser head, this marking system is equipped with a motorised machine table (Y-axis) that enables fast production with high repeatability. With the driven rotary axis, exact coding can also be carried out on cylindrical workpieces.

Maximum workpiece size: 1000 x 400 x 500 mm 
Maximum weightt: 100 / 25 kg (table/rotation axis)