Measuring program

You may not have the capacity or, due to circumstances, the in-house knowledge to create or adapt a measurement programme for your product. Van Dongen Engineering can help you with this, both from our office in Someren and from your location.

Although we can prepare much remotely/online, the measurement programme will almost always have to be optimised in the real situation. This includes the measurement setup, probe configuration(s), measurement programme completion and user instruction. To minimise disruption to daily work on your machine, this can also be carried out outside regular working hours.

Alternatively, we can come and create the programme on your machine with your software. Then there is no doubt about the operation on your system and the necessary probe configurations are certainly available. To minimise disruption to daily work on your machine, this can also be done outside normal working hours if necessary

We are currently using Calypso version 7.6 (2023), of which the programmes in an older version are basically not usable. In addition, we have version 5.7.28, with which we can avoid compatibility problems.

As far as Faro CAM2 is concerned, things are somewhat different. Since we also provide training on behalf of Faro Benelux, we always use the most recent software version with regard to CAM2

We will be happy to explain the possibilities to you.