Thanks to our many years of experience in production measurement in the automotive industry, we are able to find the right measurement solution together with you. From single-piece CMM measurement in our measuring room to fully automated production measurement. Depending on tolerances and production processes, the right measurement strategy is determined.

Determining the right strategy

The right measuring method can be optimally determined through good knowledge of the process. The strength of the measurement lies in the precise avoidance of errors, so that measures can be taken in time. By visualising your process in the right way, you gain insight into where and when you need to intervene.

We are happy to help you choose the right way to achieve results.

Is measuring a cost item? Certainly not, measuring provides insight and saves!

Measuring is not just determining measured values because the customer asks for them, but it provides information about how stable a production process is and shows where deviations come from. Avoiding errors and having the process under control gives security and creates trust.

To ensure that the measurement of products contributes as much as possible to quality control, it is important that the cause of deviations and the consequences of deviations are correctly mapped.


Proper archiving and retrieval of the measurement associated with a particular product can save you a lot of trouble. If each product has a unique identifier, the measurement data including this identifier can be stored and retrieved. This way, you are always covered in case of a complaint. In case of changes, you know exactly which product had which drawing position.

We can advise you on which method of “direct part marking” best suits your process.

Data storage

Van Dongen engineering’s measurement software has many options for storing data. We can advise you on the right format for storing your data so that you can easily process statistics or production data.

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