Product inspection

Machine tool accuracy has long been used as a measure of product accuracy, with limited product measurements and/or for internal process control only. Due to the increasingly higher (geometric) demands placed on products, the delivery of a measurement report based on a calibrated measuring device is increasingly part of the standard scope of delivery.


Van Dongen Engineering can easily help you with this. Terms such as First Out of Tool (FOT), First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) and Part Production Approval Process (PPAP) are therefore not foreign to us.

By making us as flexible as possible in terms of working hours and deliveries, but also taking care of the logistics if you wish, your workflow is interrupted as little as possible.

They are in the right place for both individual pieces and series.


Based on the specifications in the form of drawings, CAD models and / or product photos, we can very quickly provide clarity on the options, prices and delivery times. This can be done by phone and email, but we can just as quickly arrange an appointment for us or at your site.


Besides accuracy and delivery time, specifying cost is one of the first questions we are asked at the beginning of a potential measurement job. Although final costs are usually calculated on the basis of actual costs, fixed prices are of course also possible. Especially for repeated orders.

The total costs are determined on the basis of 3 components:

  • One-off costs: Remember to write measurement programmes, layout measurement reports, administration costs, etc.
  • Set-up costs: Calibrating the probes, preparing the measurement setup, any transport costs.
  • Measurement costs: Carrying out the actual measurement

All this at any time in consultation with you, the customer.