Introduction of the new measuring software VdmsPro

Introduction of the newly developed Measuring software VDMSpro with coordinated AQDEF interface..

When developing the new measuring software, we paid great attention to intuitive and simple operation. The operator should be able to find his way around easily and quickly.

All parameters that are taken into account to calculate the measurement result are freely accessible. The measuring software can take over control tasks and the post-control of processing machines.

Via the pre-set AQDEF interface, the measurement data can be stored in K-fields or V-fields for their monitoring.

Here is a short overview:

  • Simple operation / interface
  • Static & dynamic measurement
  • Tolerance range / action limits adjustable
  • Control of movements via I/O cards
  • Follow-up control of processing machines
  • Data preparation for MSA measuring equipment capabilities
  • Process 1, 2 & 3
  • Various display options
  • Operator administration / operator authorisation
  • Test plan administration / master administration
  • Catalogue management
  • I/O cards set up / operate / switching status displays
  • Set up / process / send K-fields
  • V-fields set up / process / send
  • Statistics – Export – DFQ Data

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