Van Dongen Engineering 30 years

On 2 January 1992, J.C. van Dongen started a company in the development and construction of measuring machines for serial production in the automotive industry. What started with just a few employees has now grown into a fully-fledged company with over 20 employees, which has proven itself within the measuring technique.
With 30 years of experience, they are an important pivot in the automated production of car parts, among other things. From connecting rods to crankshafts and from brake discs to complete engine blocks have passed in review in recent years. Innovation, involvement and quality is what Van Dongen Engineering has shown these decades and is what makes them strong.

In 1992, Van Dongen Engineering was founded by J.C. van Dongen, which was taken over by Mr. van Meurs in 2010. With as one of the highlights the new building in 2014 where currently all activities take place.

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1995 Old location Beemdstraat – Someren
Van Dongen Engineering Fertigungsmesstechnik Gebäude
2014 New location Dorser – Someren